Centre for European Company Law
Centre for European Company Law
Centre for European Company Law


The Centre for European Company Law (CECL) is a think tank focusing on the research and teaching of business law in the European Union and beyond.

CECL was founded in 2004 and initially functioned as an academic partnership between the universities of Leiden, Utrecht and Maastricht in the Netherlands. Its original purpose was to help legal scholars and practitioners in the Netherlands to keep track of the rapid developments in corporate law at the EU level, but also to assist in the understanding of the interconnectedness of corporate law developments at the Member-State level.

Over the years CECL activities drew the interest of corporate lawyers outside the Netherlands and 2012 marked the year, wherein CECL relaunched itself as an EU-wide think tank. Today, the Centre boasts a total of six (6) official partner institutions covering in total four (4) different Member-States (the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Poland).

CECL is the house of one of the most cited business law journals in continental Europe, the 'European Company Law' (published by Kluwer Law International), running for over a decade now. The journal has also its own series of books, the 'European Company Law Series' (published by Kluwer Law International), already numbering several volumes that touch upon issues relevant to corporate and financial law in a variety of EU jurisdictions.

CECL frequently organizes conferences and workshops across the EU bringing together scholars and practitioners from to discuss the latest developments in the fields of business law.

Since 2014 CECL organizes annually in co-operation with its official Italian partner, LUISS Guido Carli School of Law, a Summer School in Comparative Corporate Law for graduate students and early-stage practitioners in Rome, Italy.