Centre for European Company Law
Centre for European Company Law
Centre for European Company Law



The Centre for European Company Law (CECL) is a business law think-tank benefiting from the efforts of its partners that are law schools/law faculties and legal research institutes. CECL currently has six (6) partners in three (3) different EU Member-States.

CECL's headquarters are in the Netherlands, wherein CECL is registered as a Foundation (Stichting). CECL's flagship journal, 'European Company Law', is still managed by members of the Leiden Law School faculty that are linked to CECL. All of CECL's publications, both the 'European Company Law' journal and the 'ECL Book Series' are all published by Kluwer Law International with headquarters in Alpheen an den Rijn, the Netherlands. 

Despite the embedded in its structure Dutch element CECL's activities span today three distinct European regions (the Nordic region, Southern Europe and CEE) as the think-tank has partners strategically located therein.

Hereinbelow are the official partners of CECL:

Leiden Law School, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Utrecht University School of Law, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Faculty of Law, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Faculty of Law, Uppsala University, Sweden

Department of Law, LUISS Guido Carli, Italy

Allerhand Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Krakow, Poland 

The hereinabove listed partners are all represented on CECL's Advisory Board that is the organ, which oversees the think-tank's activities.